Instructional Services

Department Overview:

The focus of the Instructional Services Department is to ensure that teachers and principals have the research-based instructional strategies, professional development, support and resources they need in order to provide an instructional program of the highest quality for all students.

We provide leadership, support, and supervision of the kindergarten through sixth grade curriculum, including: District-adopted curriculum, English learner student programs, Gifted and Talented Education, instructional improvement programs, and assessment and accountability systems.

Instructional practices are outlined in the GUSD Strategic Plan, LEA Plan with Title III Update, and the Title III Improvement Plan for English Learners.


Department Staff and Contact Information:

Dr. Bridget Braney
Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services
(805) 681-1200 x203

Dr. Liz Barnitz
Director of Instructional Services
(805) 681-1200 x224

Dr. Joanna Lauer
Differentiation Specialist (GATE/GES)
(805) 681-1200 x243

Christy Rockwood
Administrative Secretary
(805) 681-1200 x203

Amber Flemmings
Senior Secretary/Test Coordinator
(805) 681-1200 x221

Ana Requena
District Translator
(805) 681-1200 x222



Information on Common Core Standards for Education:


Informational Documents About GUSD Instruction, Achievement, and Planning:

NOTE: Categorical Programs are supported with restricted supplemental state and federal funds that have been reduced, eliminated, or have become unrestricted. The district now supports several of these programs with general fund resources. As a result some requirements for reporting or specific program elements are no longer required.

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