3,040 Thanksgiving Meals Served in GUSD yesterday!

Feast Plate

Each year the Goleta Union School District’s dedication to nutrition and healthy eating is reflected in a unique feast for children, parents and staff. This year the festivities reached a new record of 3,040 meals served. Students at each of the District’s nine schools are served a traditional Thanksgiving meal prepared in our central kitchen. Parents can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a lunch and eat with their children at school or come join the serving line to help keep the serving process running smoothly.

Here are some interesting statistics on the 2013 Thanksgiving Feast:

The 3,040 meals that were prepared in our Central Kitchen and delivered to nine schools included:

  • 880 pounds Roasted Turkey
  • 40 gallons Healthy and Delicious Gravy
  • 750 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • 144 pounds Fresh Cranberries
  • 290 pounds Mixed Greens for Salad
  • 3040 Whole Grain Dinner Rolls
  • 475 pounds Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Potato Pie Bar
  • 40 pounds Whipped Topping

In the Goleta Union School District, we can make a list of many reasons to be thankful all year long. That list certainly includes our outstanding Food Services Department under the leadership of Director Sharon Baird. But a director alone can’t get the work accomplished. We also offer kudos and special thanks to the central Food Service staff, Joe, Jose, Margaret, Janie, Becky, Ramona, Jeanette, Vince, Ezequiel and guest chef Naomi from Orfalea Foundation School Food Initiative! We also appreciate the daily support of the Food Service servers at each site and the many parents who support this remarkable feast.

Feast Photo