An Anonymous Gift Touches Hearts at Kellogg School

Yesterday Kellogg School principal, Kim Bruzzese, received an envelope with a a return address of only “Someone Who Cares.” Inside the envelope was a stocking containing 26 gift cards for Michaels. The cards were intended for Kellogg School teachers. Also enclosed was a letter that read:


To: Kellogg Elementary School
Attn: Kim Bruzzese, Principal

Please find enclosed 26 Michaels Crafts gift cards in honor of the 26 little children and educators we lost last Friday in Connecticut at the Sandy Hook Elementary School . When I attended school, teachers did not have to spend their own money on supplies for our children. Please distribute these to your teachers in any way you wish or see fit. The receipts have been taped to the back.

Children and teachers are always tied together through wonderful creativity, no matter what medium they use. The thought of innocent children working with arts and crafts, makes my heart smile.

Kellogg Elementary was my school back in the 1970’s. My years at Kellogg were filled with learning and fun and safety. We made friendships that saw us all the way through high school graduation and beyond. I can’t help but remember my favorite teachers, we all have them. In 3rd grade we had a huge combo class. My teachers were Mrs. Gallusha and Mrs. Norton, and that’s when we read “James and the. Giant Peach” which is still one of my favorites. My 6th grade teacher was Mr. Peyrat. He was a wonderful teacher. We remember all the teachers that put a special touch on our lives.

What we can’t seem to do is even imagine the pain being felt by all educators around the world. Ann Curry gave us the idea of something we can each do to help even a little with the heartache we feel. The movement on Twitter is huge and growing: #26Acts.

I will be 50 next year and my children are already grown. But I’ve never forgotten my home school of Kellogg. I don’t have grandchildren yet, but I pray for all our children that there will be an answer soon to keep our children safe.

Thank you very much for all you do for our children.


Thank you from the staff at Kellogg school and from everyone who has heard this story. You’ve touched us. You reminded us of the power of a simple act of kindness and remembrance. You are truly “Someone Who Cares.”