Appreciating Dedication Acknowledging Excellence

A Message from the Superintendent

Throughout the spring of each school year GUSD engages in a series of activities that honor the dedication of District employees at all levels of service to the children and families who make up the GUSD community. Today (Friday, May 15, 2015), the GUSD Board of Trustees and District-level administrators have provided a gift of fresh fruit and cheese trays that will be delivered to schools and work sites throughout the District. It’s a small gesture of appreciation for the dedication and hard-work that has come to define our employees’ commitment to excellence and dedication to our community.

As Superintendent of the Goleta Union School District, I am inspired by the quality of our workforce. On a daily basis, I witness in employees the very character traits we strive to instill in the children we serve. A spirit of caring and perseverance infuses daily work in our District. I see energy and enthusiasm in every setting. There is individual and team dedication to doing our best for the children we serve.

Perhaps the trait I most appreciate among our remarkable team of employees, managers and elected leaders is their dedication to professional learning – to what we have taken to calling a growth mindset. While our daily work is meaningful and satisfying on many levels, we are not satisfied to accept the status quo. We do our best, but our best is capable of becoming better.

Today as our employees enjoy a small gesture recognizing excellence and dedication, I share with you my own gratitude and appreciation for being part of such an exceptionally strong community of employees.

If you are a GUSD employee or Board member reading this – thanks for being a part of our amazing team. Thanks for “keeping up the good work” and for exemplifying a growth mindset.

If you are member of the community, I’ll repeat a slightly modified sentiment you may have seen before: If you can read this, thank a teacher… or a school office worker, a custodian, a principal, a bus driver, a school nurse, a playground supervisor, a substitute teacher, a crossing guard, a classroom assistant, a certificated specialist, a cafeteria worker, a district administrator, a Board member, a librarian, a maintenance worker, a grounds keeper, a secretary, a clerk, or business office support employee.

If it takes a village to raise a child – I can’t imagine a better village to get the job done!

William Banning