Brandon School’s 7th Annual B.O.W.W.O.W. (Bike On Wednesdays, Walk On Wednesdays!)

The Big Dog greets Brandon bikers and walkers.

On Wednesday, October 3, students from Brandon School kicked off the annual B.O.W.W.O.W. challenge. Each year students are encouraged to be healthy by biking, walking, or using a scooter/skateboard to get to school every Wednesday.

State Assemblyman, Das Williams stands behind Brandon B.O.W.W.O.W. participants.

For the rest of the school year on Wednesday mornings, teachers will take a count of participating students who rode or walked to school. At the end of the year the class with the highest participation is rewarded with a field trip. Biking, walking, or using a scooter/skateboard is a healthy alternative to driving. Students will be more fit, alert, and ready to learn with this early morning exercise. The air quality, the environment, and the safety of our children will improve around Brandon because there will be less traffic.

R-L GUSD Board Member, Valerie Kushnerov; Goleta Police Sergeant, Kevin Huddle; Big Dog; GUSD Board Member, Pam Kinsley; Deputy, Jeff Farmer


Last Wednesday’s kick-off event included prizes and trinkets, coloring books, and pencils for each student who participated; and a greeting from District and community leaders, including: California Assemblyman, Das Williams; Goleta City Council Members, Paula Perotti and Michael Bennett; Sergeant Kevin Huddle, Deputy Jeff Farmer, and Deputy John Deleon from the City of Goleta Police Department; Brandon School Principal, Felicia Roggero; GUSD Board Members, Pam Kinsley and Valerie Kushnerov; and GUSD Superintendent, Bill Banning

Brandon PTA President, Ruth McGolpin, encourages Brandon walkers.

Special thanks and recognition to Brandon School’s PTA President, Ruth McGolpin (pictured to the left) who repeated her work of organizing this outstanding event again this year.

Next up… encouraging B.A.W.W.A.W. (Bike All Week, Ride All Week!).