GUSD Employees of the Year for 2015-2016


The GUSD is pleased to honor employees selected for District and County honors as exemplary service and as representatives of the excellent work and dedication of all employees in the District kbs무대. The following employees were selected in 2015 for recognition through the 2015-2016 school year.

District and County Honorees

  • GUSD Distinguished Teacher of the Year
    • Lisa Embury (Mountain View School)
  • GUSD Classified Employees of the Year
    • Karen Pickford (Foothill School Library Media Specialist)
    • Rosa Sillas (Hollister Food Server)
  • SBCOE Classified Employee of the Year
    • Karen Pickford (Foothill School Library Media Specialist)

School and Department Honorees

  • Brandon School
    • Certificated: Peggy Grossman (Psychologist)
    • Classified: Lucy Egger (School Office Manager)
  • El Camino School
    • Certificated: Linda Sparkuhl (Grade 5)
    • Classified: Debbie Johnson (School Office Assistant)
  • Ellwood School
    • Certificated: Judith Quintero (Kindergarten)
    • Classified: Joan Barnett (Computer Specialist)
  • Foothill School – Goleta Family School
    • Certificated: Trisa White-Ranson (Grade 1)
    • Classified: Karen Pickford (Library Media Specialist)
  • Hollister School
    • Certificated: Sara Kaplowitz (Grade 5)
    • Classified: Rosa Sillas (Food Server)
  • Isla Vista School
    • Certificated: Socorro Chavez (Kindergarten)
    • Classified: Mike Nwosu (School Custodian)
  • Kellogg School
    • Certificated: Robyn Young (Special Education)
    • Classified: Paula Bortolazzo (School Office Manager)
  • La Patera School
    • Certificated: Sue Walton (Reading Specialist)
    • Classified: Richard Chavez (School Custodian)
  • Mountain View School
    • Certificated: Lisa Embury (Grade 6)
    • Classified: Alberto Breton (School Custodian)
  • Pupil Services
    • Classified: Anne Gould (Inclusion Aide)