El Camino School Defies the Odds

EC Defies the Odds

Principal Liz Barnitz, with students, teachers, staff, and special guests celebrate hitting academic targets and becoming the only school in Santa Barbara County to exit program improvement status this year.

El Camino School students and staff held a special assembly this week to celebrate hitting targets for academic achievement and exceptional levels of student engagement Antman and wasp download.

Two years ago, El Camino was the only school among those in “program improvement” in Santa Barbara County, to meet all the required benchmarks for that year. This year, they have repeated their success for a second year, providing an exciting reason for the school community to celebrate 윈도우 me iso 다운로드. By meeting rigorous state accountability standards, El Camino has become the only school in Santa Barbara County to exit program improvement status this year 다운로드.

Superintendent Bill Banning credits the school’s success to several critical factors, including the work of principal Liz Barnitz, who leads an exceptionally dedicated team of teachers and staff 유레카 다운로드. Together they have developed a culture focusing on the importance of preparing for college from the earliest days of elementary school. They help students to create tangible, measurable goals for individual learning 유튜브 자막 포함 다운로드. Teachers track progress through a combination of academic measures, then work with students to strive for continuous improvement.

A high percentage of El Camino students are identified as English Learners and a high percentage of students are considered to be in poverty 나한대협. In light of these challenging demographics, the school maintains an intense focus on academic discourse in classrooms and a focus of literacy and language development office 2016 언어 팩. Parent involvement is also highly encouraged at El Camino and parents are actively engaged in committes, PTA, and opportunities to learn about the best ways to support their children’s educational advancement 피파 12 apk 다운로드.

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