Foothill School Library Media Specialist Named as Classified Employee of the Year


Foothill School Library Media Specialist, Karen Pickford was honored at this month’s County Board of Education meeting on April 7. Left to right: Susan Salcido, Deputy Superintendent; Karen Pickford, Foothill Library Media Specialist; Weldon Howell, County Board of Education Trustee; Bill Cirone, County Superintendent (Photo credit: Santa Barbara County Education Office)

Each year school districts across the state nominate exemplary classified employees for the honor of being named a County Employee of the Year. Among six honorees at the
April 7 meeting of the Santa Barbara County Board of Education was Goleta’s own
Karen Pickford – a former Foothill School parent who is now the school’s Library Media Specialist.

The employees selected for County honors will advance to consideration for one of several State Classified Employees of the Year.

In comments supporting her nomination, Superintendent William Banning said, “Karen Pickford has worked as a Library Media Specialist (LMS) at Foothill School for many years. She has seen families of children, generations of teachers, a fair number of principals and central office support personnel all come and go. She’s kept abreast of children’s interests, monitored literary award winners and worked to maintain a library at her school that keeps the scholars there interested and engaged.

“Karen is dedicated to the children and adults of the school community. Each year she works additional hours to assure that the school library is open at least one day a week throughout the summer. She is active in school activities and knows every child by name. She is a valuable resource for the school’s teachers and supports classroom instruction regularly. Whenever we need to know something about the school’s history, Karen is the go to source of information and inspiration.

“Karen also serves as the vice president of the district’s local chapter of the California School Employees Association (CSEA). She is responsible in large part for the ongoing positive labor management relations our district enjoys with our classified employee association, and if that’s not leadership, I don’t know what is. Karen Pickford is certainly a worthy candidate for selection as one of Santa Barbara County’s Classified Employees of the Year.”