Introducing Clever Single Sign on and Clever Badges

Clever SSO (Clever Single Sign On) is a system that simplifies logins to online curriculum for staff and students. Instead of maintaining multiple logins and passwords for digital curriculum (Lexia, Wonders, Star 360 and others) a user is able to login to the Clever portal (once) and from there access all supported digital resources.

Clever Badges – How do they work? How do I print badges? What are Clever Badges?

What are Clever Badges?

Clever Badges are perfect for students who have trouble typing or remembering complex passwords – especially younger learners. Badges allow students to hold up a physical badge to their device’s webcam to get logged in, instead of typing in usernames and passwords. Teachers get more time to teach, and students get more time to learn!

You can manage Clever Badges as a teacher. You can print, regenerate, and void Badges for individual students or whole classes.

How do Clever Badges work for K-2 students?

  1. K-2 sudents navigate to and click “Allow” in the browser prompt to give Clever access to their camera.
  2. The webcam will activate and students should hold up their Badge to the camera. Once the code is scanned the screen border will flash green.
  3. Students will then be redirected to their Clever dashboard.

How do I print an entire class set of Badges for K-2 students? (For Lead Teachers)

  1. Log into the Clever Portal, and click the “Classes” tab next to your name
  2. Select which class/section you would like to print badges for
  3. Select the “Download Class Set of Badges” button on the right

How do I print Badges for entire grade/school? (For SOMs/SOAs)

  1. Check your email for an invite to create a ‘Admin’ account with Clever
  2. Follow instructions to create an account
  3. Once you access the portal, click Badges to download badges at your school
  4. Security matters!  Keep badges safe