Kellogg School Hosts Family Science Night

On Wednesday, October 25, families and students from Kellogg School enjoyed classrooms full of interactive science activities. Pictured above, students from UCSB’s Physics Circus Club entertain, amaze and inform Kellogg students with experiments and demonstrations about the physical sciences.

In the photo to the left, students using colorful liquids and beakers of varying size and shape learn concepts of volume.

Activities were available for participants in mnay of the schools classrooms. Families visited with live live reptiles, peered into microscopes, and experimented with polymers and heat sensitive materials.  Activities outside on the playground included an opportunity children and family members to sprint across the playground while having their speed measured by Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Deputy Greg Sorenson’s radar gun. Several local astrologists also set up telescopes for to view the stars and moon on this crisp, clear fall evening.

One of the most popular stops of the evening was the change for visitors to sit in one classroom and use a laptop computer to control a human-sized robot in another room.









Schools throughout the Goleta Union School District hold annual Family Science Nights. Check out your school’s website or contact the school to learn more about upcoming events at your child’s school.