School Registration 2018-2019

You may register at your school of attendance from 8:30 to 3:30. The School Office Manager will help you. Children must turn five by September 1st of the school year in order to be admitted into Kindergarten.  Children turning five between (and including) September 2nd through December 2nd will attend the Transitional Kindergarten program.

Please bring the following information:

Column 1                                                         Column 2
Property Tax Statement-Grant Deed                    Gas, Electric or Water Bill
Rental Lease / Contract / Rental Receipt             Pay Stub
Notarized Statement by Landlord                        Voter Registration
(Plus Landlord’s proof of residency)                     Correspondence from a government agency

If you have any questions about registration or attendance areas please call 805-681-1200, extension 2242.

If you wish to transfer to another school within Goleta Union school district, please complete the Intra-district form and turn in to Pupil Services.
If you wish to transfer to a Goleta Union School from outside the district, please complete the Inter-district form and turn in to Pupil services.

Attendance Area by Street Address [ 26-page PDF version ]